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How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily/Permanent: Turn Off/Stop Firewall

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Here’s how to disable Avast Antivirus temporarily or permanently. Below is the step by step procedure which you are required to follow if you want to turn off or stop the firewall. It’s for all operating systems – Windows PC and Mac OS. Once in a while, everyone needs to do it. The reason may be different.

Some may need to install some software to prevent installation errors as it may detect some false positives. In turn, it may half the entire process. Sometimes, flashing phone’s ROM turns out to be the case. But, you should note that disabling Avast doesn’t mean uninstalling it from the system.

How To Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily or Permanently

All it does is deactivate it from quite some time and enables you to finish your work. Follow these steps.

How to disable / deactivate Avast

  1. Locate the orange Avast icon in the Windows taskbar in the right bottom. Right click on it and select the Avast! Shields Control option. You will get many options to select from.
  2. From those options, choose according to your need. You can disable it for 10 minutes, 1 hour, until the computer restarts or you can disable Avast permanently. It all depends on the requirements and time.
  3. Once you select an option, you will get a confirmation popup message. Click Yes on it to confirm you action. It will stop / turn off all the Shields.

how to disable avast, how to turn off avast, how to stop avast, how to deactivate avast

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Disable individual Anti-virus Shields

Follow the instructions to deactivate / disable specific Avast shields.

  1. Open Avast Anti Virus and go to its Settings page on main menu.
  2. Go to Active Protection tab to see the complete list of active Avast shields. This antivirus software has three protection levels.
    1. The file system shield protects files on your PC.
    2. Mail shield which guards against incoming emails that may be malicious.
    3. Web shield which monitors websites for suspicious behavior.
  3. You will get similar options which you got in the first tutorial above. The same options to disable the individual shield features.
  4. disable avast
  5. Click on any option as per the requirement. Then, click OK and select Status.
  6. The message ‘You are unprotected’ will appear suggesting that the Avast Antivirus has been disabled.

Hope you to know how to turn off / disable avast antivirus temporarily or permanently or deactivate various shield programs individually.

If you come across any issue, let us know.

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