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How To Fix Error 0x800705b4 Windows Defender in Windows 10 & 8

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Get fix to error 0x800705b4. It is generally associated with Windows Defender and Window Update. WD is a freeware which comes with Windows8 and 10 by default. Its application is to protect the computer system from threats like malware and spyware.

It is a handy and easy software. It eliminates the requirement of some other 3rd party security software for protection. But, at some times, Win users come across a 0x800705b4 error which causes Windows Defender to stop working. Though it is free, it’s an excellent security program.

Fix Error 0x800705b4

The Defender of Win works the same as other paid software. But, there is always the possibility of error(s) through which viruses/malware can penetrate. Thus, we need to resolve all the issues to create a fully secure system.

Error 0x800705b4 – Cause/Reason

Usually, it arises when an another 3rd party protection software/service is working along with Windows Defender. The other installed software results into a conflict between the two programs performing the same functions. So, you need to remove the third party program. Uninstall it to allow Windows Defender to work properly.

Fix Error 0x800705b4 – Solutions

There are various solutions which you can apply to get Windows Defender back in its working state. However, disabling or uninstalling the second or the manually installed antivirus and/or firewall is the best option to solve the issue. Following are the steps to do it.

After doing it, make sure that Windows Firewall is turned on. You can check it inside the Control Panel.

  1. Hold Window key and press X. Click on the Control Panel on the opened list. Select Windows Firewall and click on Turn Window Firewall On or Off on the left side. Then, turn the Firewall On if it isn’t. After that, Press OK.
  2. Open Windows Services Panel by typing msc inside the Cortana search field. Right click on it and Run It As Administrator.
  3. Search for WindowsDefender in the Services panel. Look for its Status in the right column. If it’s blank, right click on Windows Defender in the list and select Start. If it doesn’t start, change it to Automatic.
  4. Then, restart the computer again. And check if the problem is resolved or not.

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Additional Methods to Fix Error 0x800705b4

Refresh Windows

  1. Open Settings by pressing WindowsKey and click on ‘Settings’
  2. Click on Update & Security
  3. Click on Recovery and then on Restart Now present under Advanced Startup
  4. Click on Troubleshoot and select Reset This PC
  5. Select Keep My Files. If it asks, select an Administrator Account of which you can provide credentials for. Enter the password and click OK.
  6. Insert a Windows 10 installation media, if it asks. And continue the process
  7. Select the Windows10 installation which you need to refresh.
  8. Then, click on Reset to start the process.

It will take a while to finish refreshing Windows 10. The PC may restart a few times during it. Once done, sign into Win 10. Each user will go through the first start up again before seeing their desktop.


  1. Press Windows key and X button at the same time.
  2. Click on Command Prompt and run it as administrator.
  3. Type sfc /scannow and press Enter

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After some time, the sfc /scannow results will appear in the cmd from the following ones.

  1. Windows did not find any integrity violations
  2. Window Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them
  3. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them

It’s recommended to run SFC 3 times to ensure all problems are fixed. Hope, 0x800705b4 error gets resolved by now.

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