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How to Fix Socket Error 10060: Repair Outlook Express Issue

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Before fixing Socket Error 10060, let’s get to what is it and what does it mean? It’s a typical Outlook Express error and arises when connection to the server fails. This issue means a timeout while trying to communicate with the email providers servers. Majority of them use SMTP for outgoing mail.

In most of the cases, this Error 10060 is found related to the SMTP settings for the mail of the user. It means that this error stops user from sending emails. You will still receive the emails. The error message displays the following:
Outlook Express Socket Error10060 – The connection to the server failed Account:’ your account’

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Socket Error 10060


It becomes hard to narrow down to a specific reason in most of the cases. it’s because there are a number of causes which can trigger this error to occur. Some of reasons of the error code are listed below:

  1. Issues in email settings
  2. Authentication settings
  3. Firewall settings
  4. Malware

You should fix it even if it’s not a critical error. Don’t delay it for later as it hampers with your communication via email. In return, it slows down your work productivity especially in cases when you have to use Outlook for communication.

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Socket Error 10060: Solutions and How To Repair/Fix

Following are some of the best, quick, and easiest methods to fix the error code 10060. So, you can now repair it without any professional help.

Method 1: Check the Names of POP3 and SMTP Servers

First of all check the POP3 and SMTP servers’ names and make sure that they are entered correctly. After that give a look at the outgoing SMTP port. You may need to contact your email provider to receive the correct settings. Sometimes, the providers change this value on their own. If needed, change the settings and get it verified.

Method 2: Outgoing SMTP Server Requires Authentication

At times, the authorization issue can make this error code to popup. If it’s the reason behind it, it’s easy to fix. To do it, open Settings options, and check the box ‘My server requires authentication’. Once done, try to send the email again. It should resolve the socket 10060 error on PC.

Method 3: Disable Firewall

Sometimes, PC’s Firewall Security turns out to be the reason behind the 10060 error. If the problem persists after trying above two methods, then try disabling the firewall. Try to send email after disabling it. It the email gets sent, it means that the error has been solved.

Method 4: Scan for Malware

It may be possible that your PC has been infected with malware(s) and it is causing the socket 10060 error to trigger. In such case, we recommend installing the best antivirus and anti-malware software.

After downloading and installing, run the security software to full scan of your PC. If any, it will detect and remove all malware types – Trojans, viruses, adware, spyware, and others in no time.

Hope, your socket error 10060 gets resolved.

FIX: 0x80072EFD.

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