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FIX: JavaScript Void 0 – What Is It and How To Solve The Error (Chrome & Firefox)?

javascript void 0 fix, javascript:void(0) fix

Error JavaScript Void 0 comes while browsing the internet. Though javascript:void(0) not a critical error, but surely an irritating one on all Windows 10, 8, 7 or Mac OS. The error indicates that some error is caused/originated by/within your web browser. It blocks us from accessing a particular website.

It blocks some websites and not all sites. The root cause/reason behind this particular error can be a pop-up blocker in your internet browser. There may be more reasons like a proxy server may also trigger it when we try to connect to the internet using a proxy.

JavaScript Void 0 (javascript:void(0))

javascript void 0 fix, javascript:void(0) fix

How To Fix javascript void 0 error?

The solutions depend on the reason of what reason triggered this problem. So, we need to find out the cause behind it in the first place. While using a proxy server on a shared computer, this is common. In such case, we would recommend you to contact your network administrator for help.

For other reasons, you can try the following methods to eliminate the error javascript:void(0).

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JavaScript Void 0 Solutions

Note: Before proceeding with the following solutions, make sure to enable Java and it is working properly on your system. To do it, go to the Control Panel in Programs & Features. You can check the java status. However, it varies with the web browser depending on the type.

Method 1: Enable Java

Internet Explorer

Follow the steps to enable Java in the internet explorer.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools.
  2. Click Internet Options.
  3. Select Security tab and select the Custom Level button.
  4. Look for ‘Scripting of Java applets’ under Scripting.
  5. Make sure that it is Enabled
  6. Click on OK.
Google Chrome

Follow the steps to ensure Java is enabled in Google Chrome.

  1. Click on the three parallel horizontal bars (dashes) on the top right-hand side of the Google Chrome window.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select Show Advanced Settings.
  4. Click on Content Settings under Privacy.
  5. Select on Allow All Sites To Run Javascript (recommended) option under JavaScript.
  6. Click OK.

Follow the steps to check the JavaScript status in Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Click on the similar icon to Chrome on the top right-hand side.
  2. Click on Add-ons.
  3. Go to Plugins tab.
  4. Click on Java ™ Platform plugin.
  5. Make sure that ‘Always Activate’ button is checked.

By now, you have ensured that JavaScript is enabled on your web browser. Now, restart your browser and try accessing the website on the error occurred. If Javascript:Void(0) error still persists, try the following alternatives as well.

Solution 2: Reload the page by bypassing the Cache

Try hard refresh. It will refresh the corrupted or possibly damaged or outdated files. Hold the Shift key and click on the Reload button. Or you can use the shortcut keys – Ctrl + F5.

Option 3: Clearing the Cache

If the above solutions don’t solve the problem, try clearing browser’s cache.

For Firefox, do the following:

  • Options > Advanced > Network > Cached web Content > (Click) Clear Now.

For Chrome, do as follows:

  • Click the three dots (horizontal bars) -> More Tools -> Clear Browsing Data.

Now, restart the browser and trying opening those particular sites again.

Method 4: Remove Cookies from Web Browser

Try clearing the cookies for all the websites that trigger javascript void 0 error. Then, restart the browser and visit the sites again.

At last, restart your PC and try visiting the sites once again. It should solve the javascript void 0 error by now.

Stay tuned to WEF for solutions to more errors.

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