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Best Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

Best Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets: Surely one of the most liked features of the Windows Vista was the “Desktop Gadgets”. But Vistas was the first and the last time Gadgets made their appearance, excerpt for windows 7 too. Microsoft cites it as security reasons to drop with the whole concept of Gadgets at the desktop.

But still, if you want them back on your desktop, whatever version of the windows you are using, we have got the trick for you! Yeah, you can simply get gadgets on your system using some of the third party apps.
Here we have two such programs for you….

Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

Desktop Gadgets Installer

This one has got all you could ask for from the Windows 7 inventory. And many more too. Feed Headlines, Power Status, Picture Puzzle, Sticky Notes, Slide Show, MiniRadio, Weather, Volume Control CPU Meter, and Clock gadgets to name a few!

Here is the link -> http://gadgetsrevived.com/download-sidebar/

Apart from installing gadgets, it gives/adds a Gadgets option to the desktop menu which opens when we right click on the empty space. From there, we can directly access the program to add/remove more of them. Also, the right click -> View option provides us with the option to show or hide gadgets with one click. Isn’t it more convenient?

If you want some more gadgets than already present in the list, you can always go to the download page of Desktop Gadgets Installer by clicking Get more gadgets online link provided in Gadgets window that comes up after right-clicking on desktop and selecting Gadgets. The website has a collection of more than 500 DesktopGadgets.

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The Desktop Gadgets won’t bring out any changes your system that is it doesn’t offer you install any toolbar and other junkware.

Desktop Gadgets Installer is fully compatible with Windows10, both x86 and x64.


This is another amazing option to go for, if you are facing issues with the above one. Even though 8GadgetPack was made for Windows 8/8.1, it’s compatible with Windows 10 too.

After downloading and installing 8GadgetPack, you will come by a sidebar which will contain all the DesktopGadgets. There will be a total of 45 gadgets in this package including clock, calendar, currency, clipboarder, custom calendar, app launcher, and all CPU meter.


Both of the above applications will enable you to download and install as many desktopgadgets from the internet as you want. Microsoft is no longer giving support for the same, so download cautiously and only from the trusted sources. Everything else could just be malicious programs.

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